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May 14, 2019

15 Classic Beauties Who Knew to Rock a Swimsuit in the 1950s

History of swimwear traces the changes in the styles of swimwears over time and between cultures, and touches on the social, religious and legal attitudes to swimming and swimwear.

The '50s was truly the decade of swimwear glamour! Most women however stuck with the one piece swimwear. Except celebrities and pin-up girls, women in this period rarely wore a daring two piece bikini.

Anyway, swimwear is really the best costume to show the beauty of a woman. Here below are 15 classic beauties who knew to rock a swimsuit in the 1950s.

Brigitte Bardot

Diana Dors

Doris Day

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace Kelly

Jane Russell

Jayne Mansfield

Jeanne Crain

Joan Collins

Kim Novak

Mamie Van Doren

Marilyn Monroe

Mitzi Gaynor

Shirley MacLaine

Sophia Loren



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