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April 25, 2019

Cool Snaps Capture People Posing With Signs in the Past

Here below is a cool photo collection that shows people posing with signs from between the 1920s and 1960s.

Dumping Prohibited. State Highway, circa 1920s

Honey (Over there), circa 1920s

Pay As You Ride, circa 1920s

Just me, August 23, 1927

Park Here, December 10, 1929

Go-Slo-School, circa early 1930s

Scotland, circa 1930s

Bald Head, circa 1940s

Danger - Soft Shoulder, California, circa 1940s

Devils Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, circa 1940s

No Dogs Without A Leash, circa 1940s

Off Limits, circa early 1940s

Reserved US Army Air Force, circa 1940s

Idaho, 1942

"I Love You", 1946

England - Berwick - Haddington, circa 1950s

Las Vegas, circa 1950s

Mississippi River, 1950

Mississippi, circa 1950s

Montana, circa early 1950s

No Smoking, circa 1950s

Oklahoma, circa 1950s

Rough & Ready, circa 1950s

"The Thing?", circa 1950s

This First, circa 1950s

Thirsty. Drive at Night. Plenty of Moonshine, July 1956

Florida, March 1957

F.E Wall, 1958

I'm Evil, circa 1960s

Montana. Welcome! 1960

Roadside - Rest Area, September 1962

"Why Hate?", April 1962

"Chicken, all you can eat $1", June 1963

Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge, June 1963

September 1964

"Ubehebe Crater" - Death Valley National Park, CA, 1964

Showers Resort, 1968

Las Vegas, August 4, 1969



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