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April 26, 2019

44 Cool Snaps That Capture Lovely Moments of People in the Past

A found photo collection from Ed Engel that captured humorous and lovely moments of people in the past.

Oh's not a wand , it's a gun!!!

Pas de Deux

People in line


She looks sweet to me

Shoot the shooter

Skiing shadows


That's a lotta luggage. She could be in a Samsonite ad

That's what she's feeling

Three graces, two yoricks

Three man band

Three sisters

Two in one


What A Strong Soldier!

Wild Wild West

A match made in heaven

Are we having fun yet

Barrel girl

Bathing baby

Bell-bottoms are not new

Best friends from childhood

Between the legs

Big bite

Clothesline a bonus

Country Prayer Meeting

Crawling man

Don't know what he's feeling

Father and son

Funny ladies

Go West, young man

Grandma and grandpa


Happy Valentine's Day!


'Hot Dogs!'

"I Should Worry...Hard Luck...Oh Joy...Post No Bills...Keep Off"


Listening to the warm

"Me in my training in Utah"

Merry X-mas

Misstep (miss step)

No kitty, this is my pot pie!


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