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April 23, 2019

18 Vintage Album Covers of Ex-Yugoslavia Singer Saveta Jovanović, Who Was't Afraid to Flaunt Her Hairy Legs

There was a time in Europe when it was considered un-ladylike for women to shave their legs and only prostitutes did that. Not sure of the time period of that or of this singer. Apparently, a singer from ex-Yugoslavia Saveta Jovanović had special kind legs.

For decades, women have been expected to tirelessly groom their bodies for the appeasement of others. Why? Daring to let nature take its course is somehow deemed lazy, ugly, or plain unfeminine.

Saveta is gorgeous. More women need to be more like her. Women are hairy just like men. And they should not be be required to shave just because the Caucasian White male says he does not like women with hair on her legs.



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