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April 4, 2019

Beautiful Life of Switzerland in the Early 1960s Through Found Kodachrome Slides

A Kodachrome slide collection was found by Kevin Danks that shows beautiful life of Switzerland in May 1963.
“These Kodachrome slides came from eBay, the first large collection I bought. A group of British holidaymakers on a coach trip to Switzerland. From the index card I got with these slides, I am certain the photographer and his wife are now dead (by the way, his wife was called Vi (Violet?) and he is anonymous). 
It is sad that no one in the family wanted these, or that maybe they didn't know about them. Perhaps there wasn't anyone to inherit them. Whatever the reason, they are now safe with me and that has to be better than being in landfill somewhere.” 
Gruyere (tea stop), 1963

Gruyere (tea stop), 1963

Gstied (coffee stop), 1963

Gunten from boat on lake, 1963

Hotel De La Truite, Reuchenette, 1963

Hotel De La Truite, Reuchenette, 1963

Interlaken and Jungfrau from boat, 1963

Interlaken from boat, 1963

La Clochette, Place Notre Dame, Chalons-Sur-Marne / Chalons-en-Champagne, 1963

Lake view from boat, 1963

Oberhofen from boat on lake, 1963

Our boat party (the photographer's wife is the lady standing one place from the right and her name was Vi (Violet?)), Switzerland, 1963

Rheims Cathedral, 1963

Spiez from boat on lake, 1963

These ladies are sitting outside La Clochette hotel and restaurant, which these days is the Lili Rose Institut de beauté,
Place Notre Dame, 1963

Thun. Castle and boat landing stages, 1963

Thun. Church and street outside hotel, 1963

Thun. Rathausplatz, 1963

Thun. River Aare and mountains from bedroom, 1963

Thun. River and hotel from bridge, 1963

Thun. Scene from the road bridge, 1963

Thun. View in park by river, 1963

Coffee stop, Giswil, 1963

Bell 47G helicopter above Bort, Switzerland, 1963

Going home, Switzerland, 1963



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