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March 7, 2019

Just David Hasselhoff With Some Puppies

Back in the 1980s, David Hasselhoff was cool incarnate. His acting role in the hugely successful NBC TV series Knight Rider made him an international mega star. After Knight Rider was cancelled, Hasselhoff cashed in his International appeal for a Top 40 music career in Europe. But Hoff wouldn’t deprive his American fans for long.

In the early 1990s Hasselhoff came back to primetime with another TV show for NBC called Baywatch. For some reason NBC cancelled Baywatch after only one season. But Hoff knew the show was a hit. Hoff syndicated Baywatch around the world and made millions.

After such a high profile career spanning over 3 decades, Hasselhoff has partaken in many a cheesy photo shoot. In Hoff’s defense, most of the embarrassing photos were taken during the 1980s or in Europe. But many of these photos are very questionable and a few are actually quite disturbing. Below are some ridiculous photo shoots of David Hasselhoff with puppies from the 1980s.



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