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March 23, 2019

Cool Pics That Show 10 Ways to Become an Edwardian Sexy Woman

Edwardian women are not only elegant, they're also very sexy. So how to become a sexy woman in this era? These cool pics from Jon Scherff that show 10 ways to refer.

1. Over the Top.

2. Perfect Pitch. She may only know three cords, but who really cares?

3. Princess Vampire.

4. The First Cheerleader.

5. Two Kittens.

6. A Peach and a Pose. (Portrait of the lovely Folies Bergère dancer Ève de Milo).

7. A Quick Peek.

8. Elegant and Defiant. The cigarette became a symbol for her profession.

9. Femme Fatale.

10. Origins of Lady Gaga. This is a circa 1902 photo of Jane Derval who was a dancer at the legendary cabaret “Folies Bergère” in Paris. Derval (like “Lady Gaga” of today) was no stranger to some of the most bizarre fashion contrivances ever put together.



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