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February 14, 2019

Early Outdoor Photography: 38 Rare Photos That Capture Life in the Mid-19th Century

We often see studio portrait photographs that were taken from 19th century, but rarely seen from outdoor especially in the early days of photography.

So what life looked like in the 1850s and 1860s? Just Check out these amazing pics to see.

Family picnic, circa late 1850s

Family posed outside their home, Wolcott NY, circa 1850s

Main Street, Wolcott, NY with horses and wagons, circa 1850s

Young man proudly showing off his horse and carriage, circa late 1950s

A young man stands with what looks like a large bowl under his arm, in front of what might have been his home in Canada, circa 1855

View on Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 1855

Antebellum home, 1857

View of small town, circa 1857

The old homestead from the New Hampshire, Vermont area, 1858

Acouple sitting at the edge of Niagara Falls, circa 1860

Baggage wagon with two white horses at hitch, circa 1860

Boy on horse, 1860

Delano's Hotel building, horse and buggy out front, circa 1860

Family seated on bench in front of Niagara Falls, circa 1860

Family standing in field, house in distance, circa 1860

Father and his daughter on a horse, circa 1860

Five men, two women and a grazing horse in front of a two story building with a one story extension to the side, circa 1860

Four people seated near Horseshoe Falls, Table Rock, Niagara Falls, circa 1860

Group gathered outside the firm of Brey & Miller, which also has 'Post Office' above the doorway, 1860

Group of people, horse & buggy, outside barn, circa 1860

Man on wagon, circa 1860

Neosho Mills building and townscape, circa 1860

Stagecoach arrives, circa 1860

Unidentified standing man in top hat, with two dogs in outdoor setting, circa 1860

View of Cotton Mill building, Rockville, Connecticut, circa 1860

View of townscape, taken from high vantage point, circa 1860

John E. Cummins of the 50th, 99th, and 185th Ohio Infantry regiments in Union uniform next to a horse, circa 1861-65

Fanny Sharpe Wetmore (1840-1928), Manchester, VT, 1863

Unidentified soldier in Union officer's uniform at Point Lookout, Tennessee, sitting with cavalry saber in hand and slouch hat resting beside him on a rock, 1863

Family taken in a forest setting, 1865

Abbot House, Kent, circa 1860

Horse and wagon to 'Dyke & Back', circa 1860s

Man with his horse, circa 1860

Niagara Falls, circa 1860

People pose with horse carriage, circa 1860

People posed in front of the house, circa 1860s

Two ladies out for a drive on a street on the Western prom in Portland, Maine, circa 1960s

Two smokers, circa 1860



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