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January 16, 2019

22 Funny Vintage Russian Beer Advertisements From the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

People in the Soviet Union loved beer, almost as much as vodka. They would drink it in the morning, while fishing, at the banya, and after a hard day’s work. It was always beer o’clock.

Before the revolution, the Russian Empire produced different varieties of beers brewed according to Western standards: Venskoe (Viennese), Munchenskoe (Munich), Pilsener, Bavarskoe (Bavarian), Kulmbakskoe (Kulmbach), Bogemskoe (Bohemian) and others. After 1917, the “bourgeois” names were replaced by Soviet titles. For example, Venskoe became Zhigulevskoe (Zhiguli), Pilsener – Russkoe, and Munchenskoe – Ukrainskoe.

These vintage Russian beer advertisements come from 1880-1915:



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