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January 6, 2019

26 Sweet Photos That Capture People on Their Honeymoons Through Decades

These sweet photos that show how honeymooners enjoyed their vacations in the past.

R.H.W. Hughes and Kathleen Hughes on a trip from England to the Canary Islands on their honeymoon in August-September 1904

My Grandparents George Joseph Clautice (30 Mar 1885 - 24 Feb 1959) and Janet Wellmore (14 Sep 1887 - 13 Nov 1981), from Baltimore, Maryland, in their honeymoon in Atlantic City, 1909

1911 honeymoon in Venice - newlyweds Adela and Jakov

My grandparents on their honeymoon, probably at the beach in Bournemouth, circa 1920s

1920s couple on their honeymoon in Gulf Of Mexico

1920s Ocean City honeymoon

Loyd & Eva McCormick at Pikes Peak summit, Colorado, 1922. They were on their honeymoon after being married in Abilene, Texas.

Gregory & Edie on honeymoon in Nice, 1932 

My (maternal) grandfather, taken by my grandmother, on their honeymoon, 1933

1939 honeymooners in Havana, Cuba

My grandparents on their honeymoon, circa 1940

Mum & dad by old Coke sign while on honeymoon, July 1945

My mum and dad ready for their honeymoon in July 1945, car was a 1931 Ford Model A

 My parents on their honeymoon, Conwy, North Wales, 1949

Young couple on their honeymoon at Niagara Falls Area Park, New York, 1949

1950 honeymoon in New York City. John and Vincenza Gabriel (my partner John's parents)

End of the Honeymoon, Bill & Jeanne Finley, Astoria, New York, November 1951

1952 honeymooners Margaret and Rhodes in Jamaica

1953 honeymooners Ernestine and William - Miami Beach, Florida

1955 Fontainebleau honeymoon, Marjolaine and Papken

1955 honeymooners in Italy

My mother and father on their honeymoon in 1957 outside the fence of the White House in Washington D.C.

1960 newlyweds, Oaxaca, Mexico

1964 newlyweds Eileen and Barry depart for their honeymoon

Me & John leaving for honeymoon in our 1967 Jaguar XKE

1978 newlyweds Judy and Johnnie, honeymooning in Switzerland



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