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January 12, 2019

Behind the Scenes Photographs of Grace Jones Being Painted With Tribal Patterns by Keith Haring in the 1980s

Keith Haring and Grace Jones, two of the most inspiring and unique artists of the second half of 20th century worked together and created nothing less than pure artistic magic.

On July 24th of 1984, Grace Jones, along with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, got together in Robert Mapplethorpe’s studio in New York City for a photo shoot for Interview. The session lasted 18 hours.

According to Katari Mag, Grace Jones had released her album “Slave to the Rhythms” and was making her way up the Billboard charts. That’s why Andy Warhol wanted to feature her on Interview magazine. But he didn’t want just any photo… A few years back, Warhol had met Keith Haring and for him, Grace Jones’ body was the perfect canvas for the artist; it had that same characteristic combination between pop and the primitive.

Keith Haring and Grace Jones had been introduced by Warhol a few years before. This was the first time that Haring painted Grace’s sculptural body, but not the last. This event started a series of collaborations. The following year, Grace was painted for her tribal performance in the gay scenes’ mythical club, Paradise Garage. In 1986 she created a huge skirt, also painted by Haring, for the music video of her song “I’m not perfect (But I’m perfect for you)”. That same year, he paints her for a dance scene in the movie Vamp.



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