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January 13, 2019

Cool Snaps That Show the 1980s Fashion Styles of an American Teenage Girl

A cool photo set that shows fashion styles of an Arizona teenage girl named Leanndra during the 1980s. Most of these photographs were taken by her mom and her friend Patricia Wright.

1980 redhead

1981 sister Pam and I

1981 ugly fashion

1982 bad fashion

1982 mullet

1982 sisters

1984 Kristina and I

1984 Molly Ringwald look alike

1984 the 8th grade graduation in my 1950s dress

1984 the 1860s ballgown on a thirteen year old punk

1986 freshman year going to prom

1986 McClintock High school

1986 on the curb

1986 prom

1987 Amy and I at Noel's apartment prepping for a party

1987 dress

1987 dress

1987 haight street fair

1987 I look queasy in my 1940s studded velvet gown

1987 Jaimie and I

1987 Noel and I broomstick wedding

1987 Noel Eidsmoe and I

1987 pose

1987 pose

1987 pout

1987 prom night

1987 signing yearbooks. Brian, me, Evil Josie, Erikka and ?

1987 smirk

1987 snow in Arizona

1987 Victorian duo

1987 wind

1988 long hair

1988 redhead

1988 redhead

1989 I still have this 1930s dress

1989 Kathy and I

1989 redhead

1989 redhead

1989 road trip

1989 scowl

1989 the gang



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