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January 18, 2019

Fascinating Photos That Capture Everyday Life of Cuba in the 1970s

These fascinating photos were taken by Manel Armengol that show everyday life of Cuba in 1976.

Cuba, Matanzas, 1976. An old colonial street of Santa Clara. A sign marks the headquarters of the Workers' Social Circle

Cuba, Matanzas, 1976. Colorful masks announcing the Carnival in a square in Matanzas

Cuba, Matanzas, 1976. Political slogan 'To decide and govern with the people's power' on top of a colonial building

Cuba, Matanzas, 1976. Pool and garden of a national tourism resort in Cuba

Cuba, Matanzas, 1976. Two buses at avenue with colonial buildings

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Building of the Nueva Trova of Cuba

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Colonial building at Parque Vidal, esquina del Museo de Artes Decorativas

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Lattice of a house and boys talking in the neighborhood of the ancient Havana

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Maceo street

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Man unloading flour sacks from his truck

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Santa Clara Libre Hotel

Cuba, Santa Clara, 1976. Havana's Coppelia building (left) is one of the largest ice cream parlors in the world. Holding 1000 guests, it is located on the part of Calle 23 known as La Rampa in the Vedado district. There is also the headquarters of La Nueva Trova

Cuba, Trinidad, 1976. A man walking and old truck

Cuba, Trinidad, 1976. Three men on the street

Group of traditional musicians 'Septeto Tradicional de Santa Clara'

Cuba, 1976. A group of happy mothers with a child

Cuba, 1976. A teacher taking care of children playing with their toys

Cuba, 1976. Area with a processing agricultural products plant and workers' housing

Cuba, 1976. Boys playing in the waves on a beach

Cuba, 1976. Boys playing with a kite in an agricultural region with farmers' houses and palm trees along the lake

Cuba, 1976. Children doing school work

Cuba, 1976. Children having fun in front of the camera

Cuba, 1976. Children in a kindergarten in front of TV

Cuba, 1976. Country road in the interior of the island. Warning over rail crossing, truck and people passing. A billboard recommends "More productivity and More development"

Cuba, 1976. Cuban families on holidays having fun at the beach

Cuba, 1976. Cuban families on holidays having fun at the beach

Cuba, 1976. Cuban farmer

Cuba, 1976. Cuban men waving good-bye

Cuba, 1976. Cubans on holiday at the beach. Santa María del Mar beach, near Guanabo and Havana

Cuba, 1976. Farmers home and two young girls in their garden

Cuba, 1976. Girls playing combing dolls during recess at a nursery

Cuba, 1976. Interior of a school with children doing school work

Cuba, 1976. Little girl at the entrance to her home

Cuba, 1976. Man sitting in his green wagon pulled by a horse, laughing and pointing a direction with his arm

Cuba, 1976. Man with a straw hat and a blue truck

Cuba, 1976. Members of ANAP (Asociación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños) in a informative session with professors and journalists from Barcelona, Spain

Cuba, 1976. Oasis with palm trees in the interior of Cuba

Cuba, 1976. Old American cars parked on a street with old houses. In a sign at the street: "Emulation Meetings between CDR and Zoning Committee announced"

Cuba, 1976. On the road, an old American car, a horse and cart and a tractor. Sign near the road of socialist government message: "To decide and govern with the people's power"

Cuba, 1976. People bathing in the sea and children running while the wind announces the arrival of a storm

Cuba, 1976. Red tractor in a Cuban farm

Cuba, 1976. Swinging in the playground of the nursery

Cuba, 1976. Three boys with a kite

Cuba, 1976. Two men unload a truck in the traditional way

Cuba, 1976. Women group with their child

Cuba, 1976. Zafrero (man who works in the Zafra harvesting sugarcane)

Cuba, Escambray Mountains, 1976. Public transport, bus line

Cuba, Habana Vieja, 1976. Headquarters building of Regional Committee Centro-Habana del C.D.R

Cuba, Havana, 1976. In a bar, a customer pays their consumption to the cashier who works with an old cash machine

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Bacardí Building (ancient US Embassy in Havana)

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Hotel in a touristic area

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Hotel Nacional

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Large mural with the image of revolutionary Che Guevara on the facade of a building in the Plaza de la Revolución

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. National Library José Martí

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. People on the street of a neighborhood of Havana

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Popular votations to elect a representative of the District

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Poster announcing the return to school and to countryside in September

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. Sierra Maestra Theater

Cuba, La Habana, 1976. US tank and American truck confiscated during the Cuban Revolution, displayed in a square in Havana

(Photos © Manel Armengol)



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