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January 10, 2019

Beautiful Pics That Document Life of an American Lady During the 1970s

Here is a cool photo collection from Paul Curto that he shot his beautiful wife during the 1970s.
“She was the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes. The only thing that has changed in all this time is time itself. Einstein had it right. It's all relative.”
Mandy and I pose for mom. If you look hard you can see Mandy's engagement ring, March 1971

We stopped by my home in Maryland just after I had asked Mandy to marry me in early March, 1971

Mandy in Chincoteague, Virginia, May 1971

Mandy in Chincoteague, Virginia, May 1971

The morning afterglow, just before we headed to Chincoteague, May 7, 1971

Mandy loves her rings, May 7, 1971

This is Mandy on May 7, 1971, the first day of our honeymoon on Chincoteague Island, VA

Mandy goes for a walk with me on the beach at Chincoteague just as we arrived for our honeymoon after we eloped, May 7, 1971

She was a vision arising from the Atlantic surf that afternoon, May 7, 1971

Mandy just having fun on a fishing boat in dry dock on Chincoteague Island, VA during our honeymoon, May 8, 1971

Mandy in her bikini on honeymoon, May 11, 1971

Mandy was so full of pep after the ceremony that she started a high-intensity party, September 11, 1971

Mandy on the way to Brussels at JFK Airport, PanAm Terminal, New York, September 1971

Mandy and I moved into our new fourth-floor flat in Brussels on Rue Edmond Picard in mid-September, 1971

Mandy in Brussels, September 1971

Sleeping in, Brussels, September 1971

Mandy hung her sketches from her art classes at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in our luxurious European-style bathroom, and used the mirror there to brush her hair and prepare herself for the day, September 1971

Mandy at Zell Am See at dawn, Austria, December 1971

Mandy in Amsterdam. Just outside our hostel on one of the canals, Mandy posed before a canal boat. It was exactly one year since we met that day, February 4, 1972

Mandy at Dam Square in Amsterdam, February 4, 1972

Mandy on the Kings Road, London, March 1972

After buying her new hat, she sits down on a chair to rest from a hard day's shopping, the Kings Road, London, March 1972

Mandy at Hampstead Heath Garden in London, March 16, 1972

Mandy poses before the King Leopold I Monument near the grounds of the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels, March 1972

Brussels hall of mirrors, March 6, 1972

Mandy at Brussels World's Fairgrounds, March 6, 1972

Walking the streets of Rome, Mandy wanted to enjoy a break at an outdoor cafe to drink some tea, April 1972

Mandy in Rome, April 1972

Mandy in Rome takes a break at an overlook of the Palatine Hill, April 1972

Mandy posing in the Roman Forum with the Colosseum in the background, April 1972

Mandy walking to the Borghese Gardens, April 1972

Mandy on the street in Rome, April 1972

On the train to Naples, April 1972

On the ferry to the Isle of Capri, April 1972

Mandy has lunch on the Isle of Capri, April 1972

Mandy with Tiziano's Venus of Urbino, Uffizi, Florence, April 3, 1972

Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square, April 1972

Mandy in St. Mark's Square, April 1972

Mandy poses in front of a gigantic floral display at the Borghese Gardens, April 1972

Inside a philanthropist's collection in Venice, Mandy poses before a Peter Max masterpiece, April 1972

Mandy in Brussels center, May 1972

Mandy loves flowers on her birthday, June 6, 1972

Mandy in the grass, Maryland, July 1972

Mandy in rabbit fur, Maryland, September 1972

Mandy on the couch, Maryland, September 1972

Mandy zipping the boot, Maryland, September 1972

Mandy against the bookcase, Maryland, 1972

Mandy and Dante's Inferno, Maryland, 1972

The domesticated Mandy in the kitchen of our new apartment in Bethesda, Maryland, September 21, 1972

One evening during our visit to Hamden in the fall of 1972, Mandy pretends to knit while I take her portrait

The young mother-to-be sharpens her knitting skills in the rocking chair my mother gave us that week,  October 1972

Mandy at 4 months, October 1972

Mandy at 5 Months, Thanksgiving 1972

 Mandy drinking her milk, November 1972

Around Christmas I had finished the portrait painting of 'Mandy En Bruxelles' where she strolls down a Brussels avenue, and also a portrait of Botticelli's Venus. She posed to highlight the scene, December 1972

Mandy over 26 weeks, December 6, 1972

Just moments after Paul was born, Mandy called her parents, Bethesda, Maryland, March 7, 1973

I had just finished this painting of a trail in the Appalachians when the leaves were at their peak, and Mandy posed in our bedroom to display the art, April 1973

Mandy going out, May 1973

I had just painted a bouquet of roses that would brighten the room long after the flowers were gone, May 1973

 Mandy in the guest bedroom, Bethesda, Maryland, May 1973

Mandy the boudoir dancer in cutoffs, June 1973

Mandy with her nude painting, June 1973

Our recreation room had the bar, a couch, and several paintings, including one of her, Bethesda, Maryland, June 1973

Mandy in her bikini in the rec room, June 1973

My girl opening Christmas presents in 1973

Mandy posing in her Easter dress just before we left for services, April 1974

Mandy with Paul, May 1974

Our son, Paul, loved to ride his horsey in the backyard with his cowboy hat, July 1974

Mandy posed in the summer of 1974 in her new dress in front of a decorative Colombian plate we received as a gift

Mandy at Skyline Drive, Virginia, October 1974

Mandy's portrait, November 1975

Mandy with Vanessa at Thanksgiving, November 1977

Vanessa, Paul, and Mandy on a park bench, San Francisco, December 1979

Vanessa, Paul and Mandy stand overlooking San Francisco, December 1979



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