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January 28, 2019

25 Intimate Photos of 'Mom Working in the Kitchens' in the 1970s

A submitted photo collection from Flickr members that captured their mothers working in the kitchens in the 1970s.

Mom and grilled chicken, Jan. 1970

Marion in her kitchen, 1970

My mother in the kitchen, 1970

Me with my mom, 1971

Melicent in the kitchen, July 4, 1971

Mom in her new kitchen, Spring 1971

Blue kitchen, mom and aunt, circa 1972

My mom at 38 working in the kitchen, November 1972

Amber's mom, 1973

Mom in the kitchen, 1973

Thanksgiving mom in the kitchen, November 22, 1973

Mom eating crackers in the kitchen, 1974

My mom Desi in the kitchen, University City, 1974

My mom in 1974

6 Dad and mom in our kitchen shortly before going to a Christmas party, Milford, Connecticut, December 1976

Mama in the kitchen. Love those canisters and the old coffee pot. Holly Bank Circle, Dunwoody, GA, 1976

Mom in the kitchen doing her nails, 1977

Dotty, Maynard, MA, 1978

70s Mom in our remodeled kitchen

Mom & dad in kitchen, Beckwith Road, 1978 or 79

Mom in her underwear at the kitchen, 1970s

Mom in the kitchen on Scenic Drive, hanging up the phone, early 70s

My mom & cousin, late 1970s

Pantsuit mom in her kitchen, circa 1970s

'The Kitchen Queen', mom in the kitchen, early 1970s



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