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January 19, 2019

The Queen of the B-Movie Bad Girls: 50 Glamorous Photos of Cleo Moore in the 1950s

Born 1924 in Galvez, Louisiana, American actress Cleo Moore usually featured in the role of a blonde bombshell in Hollywood films of the 1950s. She also became a well-known pin-up girl.

Moore made her film debut in 1948 in Embraceable You. She also played the leading lady in the film serial Congo Bill and worked for Warner Brothers briefly in 1950. She worked for RKO Radio Pictures from 1950–52, making such films as Hunt the Man Down and Gambling House.

In 1952, Moore signed with Columbia Pictures and began starring in films. In 1953, she made one of her most remembered movies, One Girl's Confession. She went on to co-star in Thy Neighbor's Wife (1953), and Bait (1954).

Although never obtained true film stardom, Moore has become a cult fan favorite, with several of her films being considered cult classics. She was considered as the "Queen of the B-Movie Bad Girls" due to her rising popularity with buffs of the film noir genre.

Moore died in her sleep at the age of 48 in 1973.

Take a look at these glamorous photos to see the beauty of Cleo Moore in the 1950s.



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