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December 12, 2018

Twenty Years on Santa’s Knee: Pictures of a Young California Girl Posing on Santa’s Lap Each Year From Age Two

LIFE magazine (December 15, 1972) featured pictures of a girl named Stephanie Yeno sitting on Santa’s lap from age two through twenty; when Santa started to make his move, she “knew it was time to stop.”

For most kids, having a birthday fall near Christmas is considered a bad break. But Stephanie Yeno of Van Nuys, California, an only child whose birthday is Dec. 23, and her mother, Mrs. Roxic Yeno, managed to turn the coincidence to special use.

Each year Stephanie’s birthday picture was taken with one or another department store Santa, providing a year-by-year picture record. In 1972, at age 21, Stephanie would sit on Santa’s knee for the last time. She got married in November, and presumably the next time she goes through the line, it will be with her own child.

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