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December 15, 2018

Stevie’s Hidden Talent: 16 Rare Vintage Photographs of Stevie Nicks Doing Ballet

“I’ve always been fascinated by flight, ballet, high jumps, big movements, big, big hand gestures. I’m just a person who likes to go on stage and entertain people.” – Stevie Nicks
Ever wonder where the Fleetwood Mac singer gets her mad twirling skills? It may be shocking to find out that her first love isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll after all! It’s ballet. Yup, tip-toe prancing, tutu-wearing, prim-and-proper classical ballet. In another life, Stevie Nicks said she would have been a ballerina! The practiced twirling queen can do up to 20 twirls during a guitar solo, incorporating her vast background in ballet dancing to her performances.

At four years old, Stevie’s love of dance came about when she started pretending to be 19th Century dancer Isadora Duncan, dancing around to only her family. However, she didn’t get to attend formal ballet classes right away as a child. Still, she wanted to figure out her own way to improve her dancing skills, which lead to her creating routines to songs by The Beach Boys. It all came together when she started singing along to the songs she was dancing to. And that’s how ballet birthed to the rock legend’s vocal prowess.

In her late 20s, Stevie started to take Russian ballet lessons four times a week. She would work out ballet plies and stretches while on tour. She eventually built her own ballet studio in her Phoenix home.

Another interesting fact is that in the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 11th studio album Rumours released in 1987, Stevie was wearing black pointe shoes in what is an obvious dancing pose with drummer Mick Fleetwood, alluding to her love of ballet.

Her fashion style roots even hails from dance. She once said in an interview with the Rolling Stone:
“I always wanted to work the dancing in. The reason I wear the ponchos and the big shawl-y chiffon things is because I realized from a very young age, if you were 5 foot 1, and you wanted to make big moves and be seen from a long way away [ ], you needed something that was gonna make you show up… If you’re gonna dance, you gotta really dance.”
No wonder Stevie’s got the moves! She could pass as the coolest ballerina on the planet.

(via Society Of Rock)



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