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December 3, 2018

Vintage Photographs of People Reading Newspapers Before the Invention of That Grossly Antisocial Device: The Smartphone

We’ve all heard our parents say it; “Look up from your phone every once in a while”, “Hey, talk to me don’t text”, “why are you being so anti-social on your phone?”

Not only our cellphones, but also our laptops, televisions, creations like Facebook and other social media platforms. Are all of these inventions and enhancements in technology making us less social?

Since the smartphone boom put tiny computers in hundreds of millions of pockets, there’ve been countless critics eager to point out that invasive technology is changing our lives for the worse, and worse, changing who we are. It’s turning us into selfish, anti-social automatons, they say, again and again and again.

But how much has really changed? Sure, we’re media-obsessed, anti-social crazy people, but we’ve always been this way.

(via Penn State)



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