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December 2, 2018

33 Color Snaps That Capture Street Scenes of Mannheim, Germany in the 1970s

Mannheim is a city in the southwestern part of Germany, the third-largest in the German state of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. The city is at the centre of the larger densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and is Germany's eighth-largest metropolitan region.

Mannheim is located at the confluence of the Rhine and the Neckar in the northwestern corner of Baden-Württemberg. The Rhine separates Mannheim from the city of Ludwigshafen, just to the west of it in Rhineland-Palatinate, and the border of Baden-Württemberg with Hesse is just to the north. Mannheim is downstream along the Neckar from the city of Heidelberg.

Mannheim is unusual among German cities in that its streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern, leading to its nickname "die Quadratestadt" ("The City of Squares").  It is also one of the most inventive cities worldwide. Mannheim is a Smart City; the city's electrical grid is installed with a Power-line communication network.

The city's tourism slogan is "Leben. Im Quadrat." (Life. Squared.). Mannheim is the starting and finishing point of the Bertha Benz Memorial Route.

Take a look at these color snaps taken by Klaus Hiltscher to see what street scenes of Mannheim looked like from the 1970s.

The Planken - in front of the water tower, 1971

The Tattersall, 1972

Tattersallstrasse. On the left is the Mercedes Benz branch with workshop, 1972

The Dresdner Bank under construction, 1972

The Planken between P5+P6-Das Ascot, Cafe ASCOT of the Hoffman family, 1972

The Planken entrance at the water tower, 1972

The Planken in front of the Kaufhof, 1972

 The Planken, Christmas 1972

At the Kurpfalzkreisel-the Bürgerautomat, 1973

 Bismarckplatz 15 in January 1973

Mannheim street scene, December 1973

Mannheim street scene, December 1973

The extended Planke, 1973

The Planken from above, 1973

In front of Musikhaus Pfeiffer - Fressgasse, 1974

Bismarckplatz 15 -17, Mannheim, 1975

Cafe Kiemle, the Planken, 1975

Kiosk: "Last break before prison",  Neckarstadt, 1975

 Paul Winter's Blow Up, 1975

The Airbus - Zukunft ohne Zukunft (Future without Future), 1975

 The Paradeplatz, 1975

The Planken - in the middle, 1975

The Planken at Mages with dumpling fountain, 1975

The Planken at the Engelhorn, March 1975

The Planken at the old post office, 1975

The Planken entrance, March 1975

The Planken height old post, 1975

Anwar El Sadat in the Bismarckstr, 1976

Between N5 + N6. Right furniture Böhme, today the Engelhorn sports house, 1978

The Planken in front of Planken Kino, Christmas 1978

The Planken vorm Modehaus Mages, December 1978

The station footbridge to Lindenhof, 1979

The station footbridge to the Lindenhof, 1979



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