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December 11, 2018

Brigit Bardog: Lovely Story of a Dog's Life Through Sweet Photos

Although advertised as a "cute part-poodle puppy," Brigit Bardog (2/14/1960-6/22/1975) turned out to be the quintessential Bearded Collie in both looks and temperament - noble, forgiving, loyal - although in 1960 nobody knew what a Beardie was. We figured she was some kind of Old English Sheepdog.

Brigit Bardog (2/14/1960-6/22/1975)

It took 40 years for Kristen to finally figure out what Brigit had been. Kristen loved Brigit. Brigit loved Kristen. A lifelong devotion to Bearded Collies was forged.

A sweet photo collection from Kristen Carlberg that tells a life story of her beloved dog named Brigit Bardog.

My pretty puppy, 1960

Kristen with Brigit, Easter 1960

Happiness is a warm sunbeam, 1960

Bobby and Brigit, 1961

Brigit loved opening gifts, Christmas 1962

Brigit, Christmas 1962. All tuckered out from opening gifts

Brigit, Christmas 1963. Brigit was three, Kris was 12

Brigit and Georgie, circa 1964

Brigit camping, 1964

Brigit with short hair. She occasionally got haircuts when her coat became unmanageable, June 1964

 Brigit and Mistletoe (Missy). Missy adopted Brigit as her foster mother and rarely left her side for the rest of her life, 1965

Brigit and Missy, Xmas '65

Brigit, Xmas '65

Girl scout and dog, 1965

Brigit and Missy, Xmas '66

Brigit learning 'stay', circa 1966

Brigit, 1966

Snoozin' with her pal Missy, circa 1966

With Missy the dog-lovin' kitty, circa 1966

Brigit and daddy at Beach Haven, circa 1960s

Brigit at the beach, circa 1960s

Brigit dresses up. Typical Beardie, loved (and tolerated) any indignities we put her through, circa 1960s

Brigit goes boating, circa 1960s

Brigit goes rowing at Beach Haven, circa 1960s

Brigit in San Juan County Park, circa 1960s

Brigit on the beach at Beach Haven, circa 1960s

Brigit with ball, circa 1960s

Brigit wore her pants down low before it was fashionable, circa 1960s

Brigit, circa 1960s

Daddy and Brigit, circa 1960s

Manbed. Not particularly soft, but plenty warm, circa 1960s

Using a hairdryer after a bath, circa 1960s

Big snow of 1970

Big snow of 1970

Big snow of 1970

Big snow of 1970

Kristen with Brigit, Easter 1970

Brigit at rest

Brigit in backyard

Guard dog Brigit

Sentry duty

Brigit in her last years

All I want for Christmas

Brigit lived 15 and 1/2 years, and finally had to be put to sleep on Kristen's 24th birthday. We all cried



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