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December 9, 2018

Did Kurt Cobain Forecast His Date of Death? This Could Be His Final Autograph!

A fellow Nirvana fan has what could be one of Kurt Cobain’s final autographs. Here is the story behind the signature
My brother acquired the autograph when he flew from Toronto to Seattle for, of all things, a funeral. He left Toronto late on the 1st of April, 1994 and arrived at the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle in the early morning of the 2nd.
He got off the plane and was on his way out to meet his ride when he saw a couple people getting an autograph from someone. This drew his attention enough to recognize that it actually was Kurt Cobain.

My brother, being a big fan at the time said that there was no way that he would’ve recognized Kurt, aside from the others getting autographs from him. This was because he was wearing large shades, an Elmer Fudd hunting cap and had a large brown jacket on, all of which concealed his identity pretty well.

So my brother got out a pen and a novel that he was reading at the time for school, and handed them to Kurt. Kurt signed his full name (which did not seem so weird at the time) and my brother asked him to put the date on it as well. This wasn’t really an odd thing for my brother to do as he tries to get all of his autographs dated to make them more sentimental.
The eerie thing about the autograph it is that Kurt forecasted his death by dating it April 5th 94, which was the eventual date of his suicide.

So Kurt jotted down the date. The strange thing was that he dated it the 5th instead of the 2nd. And that was that. My brother told him that he enjoyed Kurt’s music a lot and the only thing Kurt said the whole time was “Thanks”. When my brother left, Kurt was still at the payphone. Everyone says that Kurt wasn’t still there at 2am, and had already left the airport a half-hour earlier, but that is just not true.

When Kurt passed away three days later my brother was pretty shocked to find out that Kurt had, by coincidence, written the date of his demise on the autograph. He’s not too proud to be one of Kurt’s last “annoying” fans and hasn’t shown it off, of course, because he doesn’t want recognition for such a thing. He just says “that was probably one of the last things that Kurt needed was someone bugging him like that”. He doesn’t believe that Kurt forecasted his own end because he doesn’t think that Kurt would want to scare someone like that. Also it’s doubtful that Kurt had already made up his mind by then and had determined when he was going pass away on April 5th.
The timeline of Cobain’s final days do confirm he arrived at Seattle Sea-Tac airport on Saturday, April 2, 1994, at the approximate time of 12:47 AM. According to feelnumb, this is the famous flight he took from Los Angeles to Seattle after leaving rehab and sat next to Duff McKagan of Gun’s N Roses. Cobain still had a Delta airplane ticket, #788F. dated 4/1/94, seat 2F in his pant pocket when he died as the police report states.

(via feelnumb)



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