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December 20, 2018

Fabulous Photos of a Man Who Loved to Dress Up as a Girl For Christmas in the 1980s

These fabulous photos show portraits of a man named Melissa Paige who loved to dressed up as a girl from the 1980s:

Christmas party dress, circa 1984

 Fantastic pink dress. My first solo makeup, circa 1984

Christmas gift outfit, circa 1985

Christmas outfit from best friend, circa 1985

Sexy pink polka-dot career dress. Showing off the girly figure I once had, 1985

 Lil-girl blue dress, circa 1986

White career dress, 1986

Front slit pink dress. Christmas present, 1987

Long gold lame skirt, circa 1987

Sexy gold lame mini. Blond wig, Christmas 1987

Sexy pink dress. Refreshing my lips, Christmas 1987

Black silk skirt & blouse, circa 1980s

Lovely pink gown, circa 1980s

Sexy gold lame pants outfit, circa 1980s



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