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December 18, 2018

12 Retro Kitchens of the Future

For decades, futurists have been hanging out in America’s kitchens, looking for problems to conquer with their computer solutions. Many have tried, yet none have ever quite delivered the recipe for success.

Included here is a design lab from a trendy Michelin starred restaurant that makes endless courses of microscopic over-engineered food, a trend which we feel is now obsolete.

1. Frigidaire Kitchen of the Future, 1957

2. Kitchen of the Future, 1943

3. Electrochef Compact Kitchen of the Future, ca. 1920s

4. Cooking center in 1980 imagined in 1973

5. The Honeywell Kitchen Computer

6. Monsanto Kitchen of the Future

7. The Classic Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen

8. The Classic Futuristic kitchen Scene From Mon Oncle

9. Fat Duck Restaurant Development Kitchen

10. Bizarre Full Circle, Modern-Retro-Modern Kitchen Island by Sheer

11. General Electric Kitchen Dashboard

12. Philco-Ford Corporation Kitchen of Tomorrow, 1967

(via oobject)



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