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November 16, 2018

22 Amazing Vintage Photographs Prove That Rock Stars Can Rock Short Shorts

And some who should stick to pants...

In 2015, a study that “examined 1980s heavy metal groupies, musicians, and fans at middle age” found they were “significantly happier in their youth and better adjusted currently than either middle-aged or current college-age youth comparison groups.” What was the difference between then and now? Short shorts, of course!

Shorts can be a divisive topic among men. Some wear them from the moment the temperature climbs above 50 until the first snow. Others wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts, even when the mercury climbs into the hundreds. Below are some amazing photographs of classic rock stars embraced shorts—mostly short shorts.

1. The Beatles

2. John Lennon

3. Paul McCartney

4. George Harrison

5. Ringo Starr

6. Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood

7. Mick Jagger

8. Brian Jones and Keith Richards

9. Charlie Watts

10. Def Leppard

11. Robert Plant

12. Elton John

13. David Bowie

14. Freddie Mercury

15. John Deacon

16. Bob Marley

17. Frank Zappa

18. AC/DC

19. Jon Bon Jovi

20. Axl Rose

21. Lemmy

22. George Michael



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