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November 17, 2018

36 Candid Photographs Capture Marilyn Monroe at an All-Star Soccer Game in Ebbets Field, New York, 1957

The tight blue dress and the spiked-heeled shoes were not the regulation uniform. But Marilyn Monroe managed to make the first kick at this all-star soccer game between Israel Hapoel and the American Soccer League All-Stars at Ebbets Field on May 12, 1957.

The game was part of a Salute to Israel program. The Hollywood goddess arrived at the stadium, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, riding on the back seat of a convertible and waving as fans cheered. Despite her skimpy blue dress, whose shoulder straps slipped dangerously low at times, Marilyn made three ceremonial kicks - two for photographers and one for the soccer players. There were two minor casualties. One of her kicks sailed off course and smacked a United Press photographer square in the head. And the actress had a slight limp as he was escorted off the field.



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