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November 5, 2018

21 Cool Pics That Defined Young Women's Fashion Trends in the 1920s

Women's fashion history in the 1920s took a dramatic shift along with the rest of society. Looking at the 100 years or so before 1920 and then at the roaring 20's you would think you were looking at two very different societies. The former has social class and structure with rules for all aspects of life. The later was free and frivolous with little regard to anything done the “old way.” The 1920's were like a teenager rebelling against everything they have ever known in order to discover “who am I?”

Not every woman of the 1920s was as daring as a flapper but, overall, women of the Jazz Age were ready to break free from the constraints of the Edwardian and Victorian Eras.

These cool pics were found Gordon Morales that show what young women wore in the 1920s.



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