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October 9, 2018

42 Vintage Snapshots of Freaky Halloween Costumes That Give You a Nightmare

Halloween is a time to dress up as your favorite character and go trick-or-treating. Nowadays, people often dress up as funny or sexy characters, but traditionally, Halloween was a time for the scariest ghouls and creepers to make an appearance.

People definitely knew how to stir up a scare in the past. Check out these vintage snapshots of horrifying costumes that people used to wear on Halloween.

Mummy kid with skull mask

Mummy kid

Mummy man

Noir costume

Scary rabbit man

Skeleton kid

Skull man

Snake man

Stone-age woman

Two creepy clowns

Two girls in Halloween masks on a porch

Two goblins

Two men in strange Halloween costumes

Two men wearing masks pushing each other in a wheelbarrow

Vampire kid

White group

Wolf boy

Wolf man

Woman in Halloween mask sits on a porch

A family in creepy Halloween costumes

Bad clown

Bear terrifies small child

Blackface Halloween costume

Children in various strange Halloween masks

Couple in freaky Halloween costumes

Creepy clown and old man

Creepy witch

Freaky clown

Freaky Santa

Ghost family

Ghost kid

Ghost kids

Group of creppy clowns

Jane Jetson girl

Little girls in freaky Halloween masks

Man dressed as a baby

Man in a strange clown costume

Man laughing while wearing a strange mask

Man wearing a baggy Halloween costume

Man wearing a 'tramp' Halloween costume

Man with a fake nose and woman give a toast

Masked boy



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