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October 5, 2018

21 Soviet Sport Propaganda Posters From the Mid-20th Century

Propaganda posters were among the most significant tools for influencing public opinion in the Soviet Union. The text that accompanied each poster was a clear and explicit message for the public, while the use of specific techniques would indirectly and subconsciously transmit a message in favor of or against an opinion, a person or a political choice.

The Soviet Union gave rise to the “Russian avant-garde” modern art movement. Alongside the stirring socio-economic developments of the early twentieth century, artists seemed to reject the past and seek innovative forms of expression in various types of art. These propaganda posters took pride in the country’s athletes and ignited public passion for sports.

1. Be hardy, if you want to be healthy!

Victor Koretsky, Vera Gutsevich, 1950

2. Eat diversely, regularly and moderately. Getting fatter means getting older!

Boris Reshetnikov, 1958

3. Sport is health, will power and bravery!

Nikolay Tereschenko, 1952

4. Sport is health and beauty!

ca. 1950s

5. You may not be a champion, but you must be in good shape!

Alexander Daineka, 1933

6. Comrades, get ready for exercising!

Nikolay Tereschenko, 1952

7. Sun, air, and water multiply energy for labor!

Vladimir Kalensky, 1962

8. Collective farmer, be athletic!

Alexander Daineka, 1930

9. Soviet athletes are the pride of our country!

Victor Koretsky, 1935

10. Railroad workers, become members of “Locomotive” club, and start playing sports!

Public domain

11. Athletes, fight for new achievements in sport!

Leonid Golovanov, 1955

12. Be prepared for labor and defense!

Alexey Kokorekin, 1934

13. Towards new victories in sports and labor!

Alexey Kokorekin, 1955

14. The USSR is a mightly sports power!

Boris Reshetnikov, 1962

15. Soviet football of the highest level!

Alexey Kokorekin, 1954

16. Do you want to be like me? Exercise!

Victor Koretsky, 1951

17. Youth, go skiing!

Maria Nesterova-Berzina, 1945

18. Youth, get on skates!

Public domain

19. We must set every world record!

Victor Govorkov, 1935

20. Greetings to Soviet athletes!

Public domain

21. We stand for mass sportsmanship in downhill skiing!

Public domain



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