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October 6, 2018

"Rock The House" by Steven Meisel: Extraordinary Photos of Various Models as Great Rock Icons

Born in 1954, Steven Meisel became arguably the most important and prolific fashion photographer of his generation.

Known for his visionary, striking and provocative fashion visuals, Meisel was a passionate since a fragile age, turning a childhood obsession with fashion illustration into such a fine photographic talent that only a chosen few can stand shoulder to shoulder next to Steven in the fashion department.

Working mostly for both Italian and US version of Vogue, Meisel discovered and popularized a number of influential supermodels, makeup artists and designers, including such names as Ross Van Der Heide, Naomi Campbell, François Nars, Christy Turlington, Laura Mercier and Linda Evangelista. It should also be noted that Steven’s work with Madonna is one of the brightest moments of this photographer’s career.

In an editorial for US Vogue in 2001, Steven Meisel photographed models inspired by great rock icons.

Cyrille Victor as Jimi Hendrix, Jake Schroeder as Jim Morrison and Dylan Schroeder Murphy as Janis Joplin

Carolyn Murphy as Courtney Love, Jake Schroeder as Kurt Cobain and Dylan Schroeder Murphy as Frances Bean Cobain

Ben Northover as John Lennon and Devon Aoki as Yoko Ono

Fanni Bostrom as John Lennon, Audrey Marnay as Ringo Starr, Tasha Tilberg as Paul McCartney and Trish Goff as George Harrison

Hannelore Knuts and Diana Mezaros as David and Angela Bowie

Jacquetta Wheeler, Erin O’Connor, Eleonora Bose, Bridget Hall and An Oost as the Rolling Stones

Karolina Kurkova as Marilyn Manson

Omahyra Mota as Prince

Sophie Dahl as Debbie Harry

Kiara Kabukuru as P. Diddy



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