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October 25, 2018

My Love: The Beautiful Album of a Man Photographing His Blonde Wife in the 1980s

A beautiful album from vintage ladies that shows portraits of a blonde girl who probably named Coral and photographed by her husband from the 1980s.

Summer sunshine 80s

Enjoying the sun, circa 1984

My wife from an old photo found at my mother in laws, 1984

Holiday, circa 1985

Holiday, circa 1985

Coral dress, happy smile, 1986

Coral in the garden, circa 1986

Enjoying sports day, circa 1986

 Enjoying the sun, circa 1986

My sexy wife, Rhodes, 1986

My wife, Rhodes, 1986

Posing, circa 1986

Pouting on the balcony, circa 1986

Rhodes, 1986

Rhodes, 1986

Sexy tanned wife, circa 1986

Teasing me, circa 1986

Blurred tease, 1987

Christmas stocking, circa 1987

December 1987

Hotel stay, 1987

 Pretty wife, 1987

 Pretty wife, circa 1987

Stockings and garter on 1987 wedding day

Wedding day evening, 1987

Wedding day evening, 1987

My pretty wife, circa 1988

 Our first home, circa 1988

80s holiday snap

80s holiday, lovely wife

My lovely wife in the 80s bikini

My sexy wife 80s

Pretty tanned 80s wife

Sexy 80s wife wearing stockings

Sexy 80s wife



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