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October 13, 2018

40 Amazing Color Photographs That Capture Street Scenes of Paris Under Nazi Occupation in 1942

French photographer André Zucca (1897–1973) was not a Nazi but he felt no particular hostility to Germany either. Zucca simply wanted to continue his pre-war life, publishing pictures in the best glossy magazines. And the one with the glossiest pictures, in fine German Agfacolor, happened to be Signal, the German propaganda magazine.

Born in Paris in 1897, Zucca worked for both French and foreign publications in the 1930s, and covered the Russian–Finnish War in the winter of 1939–1940 for Paris-Soir, before becoming a photographer for Signal from 1941 to 1944.

After the liberation he was arrested but never prosecuted, and spent the remainder of his career as a wedding and portrait photographer in a small town in the west of Paris. He died in 1973.



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