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October 3, 2018

40 Color Snapshots That Capture Street Scenes of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the Late 1960s

These fascinating photos were taken by Australian traveller lindsaybridge that show street scenes of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 1969.

Northern Ireland. Dual gague track on the wharves at Derry, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Bogside, Derry, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Chamber of Commerce building, Derry, 1969

Northern Ireland. Double level bridge over Derry River at Derry, 1969

Northern Ireland. Gate at Derry, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Street scenes of Derry, 1969

Northern Ireland. War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry City, 1969

Northern Ireland. City Hall, Belfast, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Gates to Stormont, Belfast, 1969

Northern Ireland. General Post Office, Belfast, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, 1969

Northern Ireland. Victoria Park, Belfast, 1969

Northern Ireland. Hill of Howarth, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Kinnahalla Youth Hostel, Hilltown, 1969

Northern Ireland. Railway station only opened in the summer, to serve Portrush Beach, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Hotelers waiting to stay at Necastle Youth Hostel, 1969

 Northern Ireland. Newcastle Beach, 1969

 Ireland. Jaunting Car in Kilarney, 1969

 Ireland. Kilareny Youth Hostel, 1969

Ireland. Limerick main Shopping street, 1969

Ireland. River in Limerick, 1969

 Ireland. Caravans in Cork, 1969

Ireland. Youth Hostel in Cork, 1969

 Ireland. Main Street of Galway, 1969

Ireland. Station Hotel, Galway, 1969

Ireland. Bank of Ireland building, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Beach at Greystones, 1969

Ireland. Bridge over the River Boyne, 1969

Ireland. Daniel O'Connell Monument, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Dun Laoghrie near Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Folk dancing, 1969

Ireland. Grand Canal and Hotel, near Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Liffy River, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Oscar Wilde lived in the house on left with his mother as a youth, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Part of castle, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Post Office, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Row of Terraces in Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Shrine of Our Lady of Dublin, Carmelite Priory, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. The O'Connell Bridge, looking South, towards D'Oliver Street, Dublin, 1969

Ireland. Dun Laoghaire Station, 1969



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