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October 4, 2018

25 Fascinating Photographs of Audrey Hepburn During the Filming of ‘Two For The Road’ (1967)

Two for the Road is a 1967 British comedy drama De Luxe color film in Panavision directed by Stanley Donen and starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn. Written by Frederic Raphael, the film is about a husband and wife who examine their twelve-year relationship while on a road trip to Southern France. The film was considered somewhat experimental for its time because the story is told in a non-linear fashion, with scenes from the latter stages of the relationship juxtaposed with those from its beginning, often leaving the viewer to interpolate what has intervened, which is sometimes revealed in later scenes.

According to FabAudrey, the script was actually written with Audrey in mind, and when director Stanley Donen (who had worked with her before in Funny Face and Charade) sent her the script, Audrey had initially refused. Donen and writer Frederic Raphael actually flew out to Switzerland and visited Audrey at home to convince her to take the part. She had been wary because the film was a bit risque for her: swearing, scanty bathing suits and even suggested nudity. She was also a mother now, and her marriage was going through a bad time, so the story about the ups and downs of a relationship had touched a sore spot with her. Luckily, Donen was able to win her over, and a brilliant film was made.

Two For the Road has no set time line narrative. It skips back and forth through time without warning, which takes some getting used to for the viewer. To make it easier on you, just watch Audrey’s hairstyles: they’re all different enough to give you an idea of where you are in her character’s life to mark time, since co-star Albert Finney never really changes. Finney was also one of the few leading men Audrey worked with that was actually close to her age — seven years younger than her, in fact. But she greatly admired the up and coming actor, and Finney helped open up a new side of Audrey during filming. Until this point, Audrey had been nearly an untouchable lady, always perfectly poised and regal, and safely sheltered in her Givenchy wardrobe. But times were changing now, and Audrey needed to change with them. Her beloved Givenchy was replaced by off the rack clothing by younger, more mod designers like Mary Quant, and Audrey herself needed to change.

Here’s a collection of 25 fascinating vintage photographs that show Audrey Hepburn’ styles in Two For The Road.



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