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October 15, 2018

40 Cool Pics of an American Woman in the 1970s Taken by Her Husband

Randy Brown is an American retired mailman who took these cool pics of his beautiful wife named Linda 'Cazeau' Brown in the 1970s.

“I married 46 years to Linda, a great beautiful wife. We live in Elyria, Ohio for the most of our lives. I'm a retired postal worker (letter carrier) and a Disabled Army Veteran. I was big in photography back in the 70's mostly black and white. I had my own darkroom and all the goodies. Now that I'm retired I'm getting back into it but with digital and some 35mm.”

Linda swimming, Elyria, Ohio

Under the waterfalls in Cascade Park, Elyria, Ohio

A little wine

A dazzling smile

All smiles

Beautiful eyes

Country girl

Day dream

Day dreaming. My wife in a daze

Green eyed lady

Just a look see

Linda catching a breeze

Linda 'Cazeau' Brown, Elyria, Ohio

Linda 'Cazeau' Brown

Linda in a miniskirt

Linda in B&W

Linda in B&W

Linda in B&W

Linda in color

Linda in style

Linda in white, Elyria, Ohio

Linda looking out the back door

Linda smiling

Linda smiling

Linda with her bicycle

Linda with her cat

Linda with her cat

Linda, 1973

Linda, my wife, my favorite model

Linda, my wife, my favorite model

Linda, my wife

Long hair Linda

Long hair Linda

Lost in thought

My wife in Cascade park, Elyria, Ohio in the early years around 1974

My wife Linda from the early 1970s

Nights in white satin

Out for a ride

Sexy Linda

Thoughts. Linda on our 66 Corvair Corsa

(Photos © by Randy Brown)



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