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September 10, 2018

56 Haunting Photos of World War II Taken by James Allison

It's hard to imagine what World War II was really like if you were born long after it ended. As more veterans die every day, fewer people are alive that can remember it. While books can teach you everything there is to know about the war, nothing can capture the reality as well as photos of the real people who were affected by it.

During World War II, James Allison, a sports writer working for the Houston Press, noticed that many photographs not printed in the daily newspaper were routinely discarded. He received permission to save these images, and by war's end he had amassed a collection of more than 4,600 photographs. In August 1977, Allison donated his collection to the Arkansas Museum of Science and History, located in the historic Arsenal building in MacArthur Park. Today, the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History owns and preserves these images.

A Bit of Chiselling for Der Fueher

A Nazi Souvenir

American Dead in Italy

Behind Wires of a Nazi Camp

Bombs rain on London's west end

Boy received the care of the soldiers

Breaking the trail

Bred to Warfare

Cave Dwellers Emerge

Cherbourg Defense Ends in Death

China's Human Cargo

Coup De Grace

Crippled children's home bombed

Dead Soldiers

Don't Lose Your Head

Dress Rehearsal for War

Exit from Dunkirk

Fighting Through the Downpour

First aid for an invader

First aid

First Glimpse Inside Stalingrad

Hands Up – Give Up

Hand-trucking the Aged to Safety

Hollanders Pray for Nazi Victims

Home Is Where The Nazis Aren’t

Hunger Appeased


It’s Good to Be Clean

Magazine Bites the Mud

Main Street

Marine Battle Tricks

Nazis Execute Soviet Civilians

New Burma Road - Shortcut to Tokyo

New Leg for Crippled Veteran

New 'Water Buffalo' Packs a Wallop

One Price for Rome's Liberation

One Price for Rome's Liberation

Pillar of Fire Against Foe

Prelude to invasion

Rocket targets for ack-ack training

Sky Trail Markers

Sorrowful farewell

Sugar baby - A refugee

Survivor of U.S.S. Calhoun Gets First Aid

Tell Tale of Nazi Horror

The Infantry School's "West Wall"

Two Uses for Motorcycle

U.S. Invasion Casualty

U.S.S. Marblehead Rescues Army Bomber Crew


Welcome to Our Coop

Wildcat Division Tastes Real War

Woman Killed Fighting With Nazis in Holland

Yank Looks Toward Vesuvius

Yanks Barge Through Shell Burst

Youthful pill-pushers



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