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September 9, 2018

Outside the Studio: The World From the 19th Century Through Amazing Photos

These amazing photos from Leigh McKinnon that show how life was like in the 19th century.

A young lady by the river, circa 1960s

A couples in front of their house, circa 1960s

A farmer with his horse and wagon, circa 1860s

Ballarat Hospital, Victoria, Australia, circa 1960

Dartmouth, South Devon, circa 1860s

A woman in her carriage and a man in a top hat looking on, Brighton, circa 1862-1867

Crowhurst Church, Sussex, circa 1862

Mother and her children. Dated on the back "July 19, 1863"

Benedictine monastery in Burgundy's Morvan Forest, France, circa 1865

A group of people taken in a forest setting, circa 1865

Castle and Chapel on St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, circa 1865

Government House, Tasmania, circa 1865

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, circa 1865

Princess of Wales and her sons, 1866

Big house on the prairie, circa 1870s

A carriage painter and trimmer's workshop, circa 1870s

An older British man with his arm resting on a fence in an outdoor setting, circa 1870s

An unknown household, its two children, and their dogs, circa 1870s

Four chaps, circa 1870

The main street of a rural North American town, circa 1870

A family and a dog, circa 1880

A row of buildings with a mule drawn cart and its driver, circa 1880

An 1880s photo by photographer James P. Lind of Melbourne of some tired looking kids and their teachers from an unidentified school in Victoria

Maldon Hospital, circa 1880s

Victorian family home, somewhere in Victoria, Australia, circa 1880

In the woods, 1884

J. Newson's Hay & Corn Store at 318 Victoria Street, Richmond, on the corner with Johnson Street, circa 1885

The Pottergate, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, circa 1885

Three men on a hillside, circa 1885

The grave of A.J. Brown, circa 1889

Vance's Mill in Chalybeate Spring, Kentucky, 1889

Victorian house and garden, 1889

A man on horseback at 'Pepper Corn Tree Farm', Leichardt, Victoria, circa 1890

A steam train and its drivers, Michigan, circa 1890

A uniformed man standing in the snow in front of a railway bridge, somewhere in Canada, circa 1890

Men in front of a tent, somewhere in Victoria, Australia, circa 1890

Queensland cane farmer, circa 1890

Staged execution. Dated July 21st 1890 on the back, with the name Myra R. Wonderly and the address Grand Rapids, Michigan also inscribed

The famous ruins of Tintern Abbey, Wales, circa 1890

A family apparently on a seaside holiday, somewhere in England, circa 1895

A family in front of their house in Sydney, New South Wales, circa 1895

 Family on the rocks, circa 1895

Victorian picnic, circa 1895

 Woman with bike and child, circa 1895

Written on the back: "Bell Bird's Nest", near Gosford, New South Wales, Australia, 1899



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