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September 15, 2018

Psychedelic Photos of Pink Floyd Taken by Andrew Whittuck in June 1967

Pink Floyd is one of the world’s most iconic and influential bands. Their progressive and psychedelic music encompassing philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation and elaborate live shows has captured the hearts of fans for over five decades.

Andrew Whittuck started shooting in the mid-sixties where he soon took some of the earliest shots of Pink Floyd. Andrew recalled: “I had a friend who knew the Pink Floyd managers and they were keen for any publicity, since the Floyd had only been formed 18 months before. They all came to my studio/bedroom in my parents’ house in Hampstead with all their instruments and most importantly for me, with their lighting guy.”

“The only illumination I used was the lighting they used in their gigs, a 35mm Kodak projector with glass slides with a mixture of oil/water and colored ink, heated by a hair dyer close up, so that the ever changing bubbles of color floated over them.”

Andrew then continued his a career as a freelance photographer establishing his own business and working extensively on food photography, plus some portrait work for the likes of Melvin Bragg. He became qualified as a photography teacher and taught at many colleges throughout the U.K whilst also documenting performance art events. Andrew now runs a series of landscape photography courses and holidays.

(Photos © Andrew Whittuck)



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