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September 21, 2018

The Varied Looks of Phyllis Ecklund: Lovely Photo Booth Pictures of a Teenage Girl in the 1930s

These lovely photo booth pictures were found by Suzanne that show varied looks of a teenage girl named Phyllis Ecklund. Base on her clothes and hairstyles, Ecklund was probably photographed around the 1930s.

The first of nine photo booth photos of Phyllis Eckland, at the age of 14

Phyllis bundled up against the cold

Phyllis wearing a strange hair style

Phyllis with a very direct look

Phyllis with intricate rolled hairdo

Phyllis with yet another intricate rolled hairdo

Phyllis with little sausage curls

Phyllis with snail curl hair

Do you think she may have become a beautician?


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