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September 8, 2018

Mom's Wedding: 35 Cool Pics That Show Beautiful Brides in the 1950s

A cool photo collection from Flickr members that shows their mothers’ weddings in the 1950s.

My beautiful mom on her wedding day, July 19, 1953

My late mother-in-law, Dolores and her dad, William on her wedding day, 1953

My ma and pa's wedding, St Mary's, Balderstone, Rochdale, Lancashire, 3 August 1957

My mom and her brother, September 1953. Her brothers threatened to wear the fake moustaches down the aisle

My mom in her wedding dress, circa 1950s

My mom, the bride: Genevieve nee Wasik, Mitchell Street, Detroit, April 27, 1952

My mom, the bride with her parents, and the bridesmaids, Oakland, CA, August 1954

My mother at her wedding, with her younger sister who was her only bridesmaid, late 1950s

My mother in a professional portrait taken on her wedding day, circa 1950s

My mother on her wedding day, June 1953

My mother Pat's wedding photo, February 23, 1957

My mother posing after her wedding celebration, New York, 1950 (via Robert Barone)

My Mother, Elaine Garnand, on her wedding day, May 1953

My mother, september 24, 1959

My mother's wedding in the Bronx, April 15, 1950 (via Robert Barone)

My parents at their wedding in 1951

My parents Joe and Dorothy's wedding, circa 1958-1959

My parents on their wedding day, Hillsborough, Florida, 1952

My parents outside church on their wedding day, early 1950s

My parents posing with a Chevrolet in the countryside, 1954

My parents, Jack Greenhow & Jean Paterson outside the church, June 22, 1957

My parents, Lois McIlvanie and Virgil Simpson, July 14, 1951, at Lois' parents' home in Melrose, New Mexico

Clara, 1950. Wedding photo on second page of my mother's honeymoon album (via Robert Barone)

Mom & Dad, September 27, 1958

Mom and dad at Parkway Heights United Methodist Church, June 20, 1956

Mom in her wedding dress, 1957

Mom on her wedding day in Maringouin, Louisiana (Iberville Parish) in June 1950

Mom on her wedding day, May 16, 1959

Mom wedding, November 15, 1959

Mom, the bride, Oakland, CA, June 23, 1957

Mom's wedding portrait, early 1950s

Mother's wedding day, June 13, 1959

Mum and dad cutting the wedding cake, 1954

Mum and dad on their wedding day, circa 1950s

Mum arriving at the church, Suffolk, England, September 1954



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