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September 5, 2018

12 Rarely Seen Photos of a Young Betty White From Her Early Career

Betty White has had the longest career of any entertainer in television history. That's no hyperbole - in 2018, the legendary actress known for her roles on The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and more recently, Hot in Cleveland, celebrates her 80th year in Hollywood.

In honor of the milestone, White granted the team behind the Pioneers of Television series unprecedented access to create a documentary retrospective about her life and work.

1. White Hosted a Radio Show

Before venturing into TV, White had her own radio show called The Betty White Show. Here she is posing with a microphone.

2. White at Home

It's unclear when this photo of White at home with her poodle Danny was taken, but given the Emmy in the background (sitting on top of the television), it had to be after 1952. That's when she won her first regional Emmy award for “most outstanding female personality.”

3. White on Skates

This snapshot of White gliding across an indoor ice rink dates back to 1954.

4. Hollywood Power Player

White is recognized as the first woman to produce a national television show (Life with Elizabeth). While in that role, she hired director Betty Tubiville (right), “creating the first network series to have a woman in both key positions,” according to PBS.

5. White on Set

White has always recognized the importance of giving back. Here she is taking a deserving young child to meet Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

6. White and Her Mother

White continued to live with her mother Tess, even after she found success in acting. Here, White sips on a cup of tea and chats with mom while an almost overflowing box of fan-mail looms in the front of the frame.

7. The Glamorous Betty White

White poses for a photograph in a plaid shirt and cowboy hat.

8. White the Dog Lover

White with her puppy Bandit, who reportedly served as the inspiration for her company name, Bandy Productions.

9. White Has Long Been an Animal Advocate

Betty White with another one of her pups, Stormy, a St. Bernard, in 1954. In addition to her acting career, White has been an animal advocate for years.

10. White Gets Her Own Show

On the set of The Betty White Show in 1954.

11. Behind the Wheel

Driving with the top down, sometime around 1954.

12. On Set

White onstage at the Beverly Hills Theater before filming Life with Elizabeth.



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