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August 17, 2018

40 Snapshots Prove That Our Grandmas Were Cooler Than We Thought in the 1940s

Despite being influenced by the Great Depression and the Second World War, women in the 1940s kept their glamorous looks and fashionable style. Maybe they are just a few, but these submitted pics of Flickr's members prove that our grandmas were probably cooler than we thought.

Three close friends in the Bronx, 1947. My grandma on the right

Claire, my grandma, 1940s

Eleanor Wood (my grandma) were visiting his parents, Cleveland, OH, 1949

From grandma's hand written on the back: "Last summer in Yosemite Nat. Park", circa 1940s

Funny portrait of my grandma Lavon, July 1945

"Golf Practice". Grandma in pants, circa 1940s

Grandma as a teenager, circa 1940s

Grandma Betty Craig at the beach, early 1940s

Grandma Gloria wore sunglasses, circa 1940s

Grandmother holding her puppy to pose for photographing in the snow, circa 1940s

My grandma Joan Kirkland taken at Plage Laval in 1941

Grandma Joanne Illingworth, circa 1943

Grandma Lois, 1949. The left is of my grandma's senior portrait, and the right was taken sometime after

Grandma Lyn as a teenager, 1940

Grandma on her wedding day, South Dakota, circa 1940s. Dead in sixties

Grandma Pat, 1946

Grandma poses with "Sharp Curves" sign, 1949

Grandma reading a book, Ontario, summer of 1944

My grandma on a motorbike, circa 1940s. She looks like Norma Jeane (young Marilyn Monroe) in this photo

Grandma with a camera posing on the hood of 1941 Buick Coupe, 1947

My grandmother wears a giant hat, circa 1940s

Grandma, April 22, 1948

Grandma,19 years old, sitting on car somewhere near Camp Lejeune, NC in the spring of 1942

Grandmother in a polka-dot dress posing on a building's rooftop, Oklahoma, circa 1940s

Grandmother is so cool, January 1948

I wish I could pull off a sleek riding outfit like my grandma, circa 1940s

'Lady of the lake'. My grandma in the late 1940s

My grandma at 14 years old, 1941

My grandma Gloria Mendoza, 1947 at the age of 20

My grandma in an evening gown with long, long gloves, the Bronx, New York, 1947

My grandma looked like she was taking a selfie, 1947

My grandma Maxine posing during WWII and sent this picture during the war while my grandpa was out at sea

My grandma wearing pants, circa 1940s

My grandmother Dee as a young woman not long after my mother was born, 1944

My grandmother is so sexy in this backless dress, London, 1949

My grandmother Lois Kathleen in Canton, New York, late 1940s

My grandmother poses on a bench, New York, 1946

My grandmother Rose Tseronis Vardas (1920–2007) who died after a long illness on September 14. This photo is from the early 1940s

My young grandma in the early 1940s

That's my grandma in the 1940s. What a catch!



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