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August 24, 2018

15 Cringe-Worthy Vintage Celebrity Product Endorsements You Would Never See Today

Hollywood celebrities have always pitched products to earn a little side money. Sometimes it’s actually the primary source of income and the acting is the side job. Television stars sell foods, beverages, insurance, car rentals, vacations, whatever.

Back in the day, that “whatever” was a lot weirder. For whatever reason, these vintage advertisements would not be printed today. Do you remember seeing any of these?

1. Doris Day for International Harvester

2. Sammy Davis Jr. for Alka Seltzer

3. Ronald Reagan for Chesterfield Cigarettes

4. Groucho Marx for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

5. Humphrey Bogart for Whitman’s Sampler

6. Lucille Ball for Phillip Morris

7. Don Knotts for Chicago Lumber Co.

8. Vincent Price for Sun Giant Raisins

9. Rudy Vallée for Fleischmann’s Yeast

10. Wally Cox for Smirnoff Vodka

11. Woody Allen for Smirnoff Vodka

12. Jerry Lewis for Kentucky Fried Chicken

13. Carol Burnett for Blackgama Mink

14. Boris Karloff for Northern Pacific Railway

15. Sonny and Cher for the Bible

(via MeTV)



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