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August 18, 2018

Technicolor Tessie: 30 Wonderful Color Portrait Photos of Lucille Ball in the 1960s

Back in the day, according to LIFE magazine, cameramen and technicians both referred to our lovely Lucy as “Technicolor Tessie” because she was so colorful and looked so beautiful on film. With her gorgeous hair that was described as every color from strawberry blond to apricot, her beautiful deep cornflower blue eyes and her famous red lips, Lucy was made for the camera.

Lucy's skin was so fair, she always looked natural in front of the camera, no matter what look the make-up artist was going for. For technicolor films, three times more light was needed than for black and white films. Makeup needed to be thinner and lighter in order for it not to look mask-like on camera. Lucy carried it off because of her beautiful, flawless skin.

These photographs are proof that Lucy deserves the title bestowed on her by the studios. She is wearing nothing more than everyday street makeup, and they were done with everyday lighting and not special effects.



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