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August 15, 2018

36 Found Photos That Show the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania From Between 1900 and 1912

Established in 1871 as the Cumberland Valley State Normal School (CVSNS), Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, commonly known as Ship, or SU, is a public university located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States, 40 miles west-southwest of Harrisburg, and 30 miles north-northeast of Hagerstown, Maryland.

Shippensburg University is one of the 14 state universities that comprise the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS).

These found photos from Richard that show the CVSNS (Cumberland Valley State Normal School), now called Shippensburg University. Some are hand colored and appear to be home made by a student or teacher. There are hand written descriptions and dates on some of the slides. They seem to date between 1900 and 1912.

Five original buildings of Shippensburg University. Left to right: President's Residence, built 1907, now called Martin House. Elementary Training School, built 1912, now called Gilbert Hall. Ladies Dormitory, built 1895, now called Horton Hall. Main Building, built 1871, now called Old Main. Gymnasium, built 1893, now called Stewart Hall.

Football game, CVSNS

Football team, CVSNS

Gymnasium, CVSNS, built in 1893 and now called Stweart Hall. That may be Miss Clark, the Gym Teacher, on the steps

Hand written: "1900 at CVSNS in 1902"

Hand written: "Pillow Fight CVSNS"

Hand written: "Pillow Fight CVSNS"

Hand written: "The Weird Sisters, CVSNS"

Interior of Ladies Dormitory, CVSNS

Interior of one of the CVSNS buildings (looks like a library)

Ladies Dorm on the left and the Main Building on the right. The top of the Gymnasium can just be seen on the far right

Ladies Dorm on the left (built 1895, now called Horton Hall). The original building (Old Main) from 1871 is on the right

Ladies Dormitory, CVSNS, built in 1895 and now called Horton Hall

Laundry Room, CVSNS (the ironing boards seem to be wooden planks placed on saw horses)

Men's dormitory

Miss Clark, Gym Teacher, CVSNS

Miss Lehner, CVSNS

Miss McBride, CVSNS

Model classroom in the Model School, CVSNS which was replaced with the Elementary Training School in 1912

Model School on left and CVSNS Gym on the right

Model School on the right with model students out front. This building was replaced with the Elementary Training School in 1912 (now called Gilbert Hall), CVSNS

Model School, CVSNS

Rear entrance to Old Main at CVSNS that was built in 1895. Door on the left went to the first floor and the stairs on the right went to the second floor

Rear entrance to Old Main on the left and Gymnasium (now called Stewart Hall 1893) on the right

Reuben from CVSNS at rear entrance to Old Main

Snowball fight at CVSNS

The fountain in front of the Main Building

The Stile at CVSNS. The Ladies Dormitory is the building on the left

The Stile at the railroad tracks which are between the man in the foredround and the telephone pole. Ladies Dormitory is on the left and the Main Building (Old Main) is in the center. The Gymnasium is behind the trees to the right

Women faculty of CVSNS

Baseball game at CVSNS. The sign on top of the stands says: "SHIPPENSBURG STATE NORMAL SCHOOL"

Chapel at CVSNS

CVSNS Campus from Tower

CVSNS Dining Room

Faculty at CVSNS

Field trip by the students of CVSNS



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