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August 21, 2018

Beautiful Life of an American Lady in the 1950s Through Found Snapshots

These snapshots were found by Adam that capture everyday life of a beautiful lady, probably from Florida or New York, in the 1950s.

Fall feeling

Hot summer fashion

Hotel loungers in Florida

In the surf

Laurel in the Pines

Look they're taking a picture!

Office window

Palmtree wallpaper

Pontiac in Paradise

Poolside beauty

Posing with Harely Earl Artwork

Proud parents

Radiant beauty

Raking with style

Red headed painter

Showing off the coat

Summer couple

Summer duo

Sun lit sweater

Tender with the fender

To the beach

Tree leaning

Windy palms

Winter beauty

With father

A doll and her doll

Beach beauty

Beach buddies

Beauty and the Cadillac

By the Capitol Theater, New York

Cadillac couple

Cadillac posers

Chilling in Florida

Convertible cutie

Couple in Florida

Esso station couple



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