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August 5, 2018

Institute Of Oral Love, a Classic L.A Landmark in the Mid-1970s

Every major U.S. city has its Santa Monica Boulevard. In Chicago, it is called Wells Street. In Minneapolis, it is Hennepin Avenue. San Francisco has its Broadway, and New York City its Times Square. Santa Monica Boulevard is neither the busiest nor the worst. It is only typical.

As it knifes through Los Angeles' West Hollywood residential district, Santa Monica becomes a garish, grubby, milelong gauntlet of sex-book stalls, theaters and 8-mm. peep shows for voyeurs, and massage parlors and sexual encounter centers for those who want direct action.

In the 1970s, the Institute Of Oral Love was situated on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Spalding Avenue, Los Angeles. The Institute Of Oral Love mainly dispenses talk, and Wild Mary's massage provides local stimulation only if the costumers pays extra.

Though, according to Dangerous Minds, there has been the bizarre suggestion this was a dentist and oral surgeon, as well as the more obvious belief it was “blow job central”, the Oral Institute Of Love was informed by the lovelies over at World of Wonder, not exactly what it seemed, as it mainly “dispensed talk”.



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