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August 25, 2018

A Journey of a German Family With the Orient Express From Vienna to Constantinople in 1903

These amazing photos from a set of originally more than 200 negatives that were found by Wolfgang Wiggers.

“Unfortunately many of them were exposed to moisture during the last 114 years and are irretrievable lost. The amateur photographer certainly did not have the best camera, some pictures are only snapshots, but they still convey an interesting impression about an exotic journey at the very beginning of the 20th century.”

The family who made this trip started from Lohr am Main,  a town in Germany, heading to Vienna, where they probably visited friends before they boarded the Orient Express Wien - Budapest - Belgrad - Sofia - Konstantinople. Part of the journey was made on a ship on the river Danube. In Turkey, they made a trip to Eskisehir.

Vienna. Austrian Parliament Building, 1903

Vienna. Before heading to Budapest (big expectations), 1903

Vienna. Before heading to Budapest (Preparations for a journey), 1903

Vienna. Early Morning on the Market, 1903

Vienna. Hofburg, 1903

Vienna. Plague Column, 1903

Budapest. Castle, 1903

Orient Express Budapest-Constantinople, 1903

Sofia, 1903

Sofia, 1903

In the Balkans

The friendly conductor in the Balkans, 1903

River Danube. An uncomfortable bed, 1903

River Danube. Danube Pier, 1903

River Danube. Danube steamboating association captain, 1903

River Danube. Get on board, 1903

 River Danube. Steam, 1903

Bucharest. Town in Romania (Probably Bucharest), 1903

Bucharest. Visit in Bucharest (The name of the family in Bucharest was probable Manke), 1903

Bucharest. Visit in Bucharest (The name of the family in Bucharest was probable Manke), 1903

Bucharest. Visit in Bucharest (The name of the family in Bucharest was probable Manke), 1903

Railway station Baziaș (leaving Romania), 1903

Constantinople, 1903

Constantinople, 1903

Constantinople, 1903

Constantinople. Cemetery in Skutari (Üsküdar), 1903

Constantinople. Column of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, 1903

Constantinople. Gate, 1903

Constantinople. Hagia Sophia, 1903

Constantinople. Monument on Taksim Square, 1903

Constantinople. Pera (today Beyoğlu), 1903

Constantinople. Side Street in Stamboul (Stamboul referred to the central parts of Constantinople), 1903

Constantinople. Stray dogs, Istanbul's forgotten symbol, 1903

Constantinople. The Fountain of Kaiser Wilhelm, 1903

Constantinople. The Well, 1903

Leaving Constantinople, 1903

Arrival in Eskişehir, 1903

Goods of all kinds, Eskişehir, 1903

Hard work (close to the railway Eskişehir-Konya), 1903

Hussein in Eskişehir, 1903

Man in the surroundings of Eskişehir, 1903

On the outskirts of Eskişehir, 1903

Order of Osmanieh, Eskişehir, 1903

Prayer, Eskişehir, 1903

Şerefe, Eskişehir, 1903

Woman with a simple box camera in her hand on Eskişehir's streets, 1903

A folding screen with a window, Turkey, 1903

Decorated corner, Turkey, 1903

Family portrait, Turkey, 1903

Grandparents, Turkey, 1903

 Important conversations, Turkey, 1903

Savoir vivre, Turkey, 1903

 Sunday in the park, Turkey, 1903

The senior, Turkey, 1903

 The Turkish friend, Turkey, 1903

Back home, 1903



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