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August 10, 2018

Behind the Scenes Photos of Dorothy Lamour Playing With "Jiggs" the Chimpanzee in the 1938 Film "Her Jungle Love"

Dorothy Lamour spends her downtime on set hanging out with an animal friend!

These behind the scenes photos were taken sometime in 1937 on location in Palms Springs for the adventure film, Her Jungle Love. The movie was directed by George Archainbaud, and is about two men (Ray Milland and Lynne Overman) looking for a lost aviator and meets a jungle girl named Tura (Dorothy Lamour) when they got stuck in an island during a storm.
“I'll never get into another picture with an animal, so help me!” – Dorothy Lamour.
Dorothy Lamour, most famous for her Road to ... series of movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, never won an Oscar. In her 50-plus-year career as an actress, she never even got nominated.

Neither did Jiggs the chimpanzee, pictured here with Lamour on the set of Her Jungle Love. No animal has ever been nominated for an Oscar. According to Academy Award rules, only actors and actresses are eligible.



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