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July 16, 2018

Robert and Raymonde: Vintage Romantic Postcards Reveal a Beautiful Love Story From the 1920s

Here's an amazing love postcard set, sent between Robert (also known as Bob) and his girlfriend/fiancee Raymonde in late 1920s France. Both of them loved these cards--they'd send them successive days, or, in once case, many on the same day. Sometimes several views from the same photoshoot were published as separate cards--Robert and Raymonde would buy a few of these.

This tinted variety of these cards comes in many colors, but the two of them seem to have especially liked the green and pink ones. While none are addressed or stamped, it was very common for these kinds of postcards to be put in envelopes (at the time, stamps and postmarks went on the front of the card in France, not good for the picture), and indeed on a few you can see the impression of a postmark through some other paper.

November 14, 1927. To Raymonde. "More sweet kisses from your Bob who loves you."

Mainz, February 1, 1928 (1 o'clock). To Raymonde. "To my [?] fiancee, My sweetest kisses. Your Bob for forever."

Mainz, Februrary 2, 1928. [11?] o'clock. To Raymonde. "My beloved little fiancee, receive my sweetest kisses and assurance of my love, [?] from your little Bob." ("petit", while literally "little", is also a term of affection).

"[?] near always, always near you. Robert." Paris, June 6, 1928.

"I love you. Bob." Paris, June 6, 1928.

"More than yesterday, less than tomorrow. Bob." Paris, June 6, 1928.

"I embrace you as I love you. Robert." Paris, June 6, 1928.

Flixecourt, August 19, 1928. "My beloved fiance, I send my tenderest kisses, and the assurance that my heart belongs to you forever. Raymonde."

Flixecourt, October 9, 1928. "My love, I love you forever. [?]. I love you. Raymonde."

Flixecourt, Octover 10, 1928. "My beloved little Bob, have the sweetest kisses of your little fiancee who loves you and thinks of you. Raymonde."

Flixecourt, October 16, 1928. "My tenderest kisses to my dear little fiancee. Raymonde."

Mainz, October 23, 1928. "My darling little baby, I send the assurance of my eternal love and my tenderest kisses. I love you. Bob."

Flixecourt, October 25, 1928. "My beloved little Bob, I send the assurance of my eternal love and my tenderest kisses. I love you. Raymonde."

Flixecourt, October 29, 1928. "To my most beloved Robert, my tenderest kisses. I love you forever. Raymonde."

May 20, 1931. "A thousand kisses from your little Bob."

(Translated and courtesy of The Passion of Former Days)



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